Personal leadership training

This includes self-discovery, self-awareness, self-care, self-esteem building, assertiveness, public speaking and personal presentation.

Mentorship and life coaching

This involves probing and guiding individuals towards their passions, personal vision etc i.e. towards a specific direction.

Also includes bringing up a pool of mentors to help mentee in achieving their goals.

This helps in bridging the intergenerational gap and promotes networking and sharing.

Behavior change

This program is geared towards positive behavior change, mindset change and attitude change especially towards, work, self and communities.

Through community services, outreaches, rehabilitation, etiquette formation and professionalism enhancement. This helps solve the concerned around poor attitude towards work, prevent addictions especially alcoholism and drug and substance abuse.

Women empowerment

This includes economic empowerment, skill building and speaker series session on governance and leadership among others. This helps in lifting up the women of Northern Uganda and improve their ability to cope with the ever changing society.

Team building

This is geared towards team dynamics enhancement; understanding of synergy, Dysfunctional teams’ awareness, High performance teams’ identification, solutioning and lesson learnt sharing. All of which, help in building better team and promotes interpersonal relations.